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3131 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL, 34239
United States

941 735 3825

Corrective Stretching is a muscle rehabilitation and conditioning center. We provide postural correction, flexibility, strength and stability training. Our focus is to restore the body back to a state of balance by re-aligning posture, relieving pain and enhancing mobility.

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Kevin Clyne

EXPERIENCE                                15 years

CLIENT CONDITIONS               Muscular, joint, tendon, ligament, muscle diseases, prosthetics, joint replacement, related conditions

CLIENT EXPERIENCE               Injuries, Rehabilitation, Disease.                 

ATHLETE EXPERIENCE           Professional, Olympic, standard


CPT/SFS  National academy of sports medicine, PAS Egoscue university, CMT  Mount Shasta institute of holistic studies, NMT Ashland school of massage, PAS/GCS Professional personal trainer education.

Corrective movement and stretching, Active isolated stretching, fascial stretching, PNF stretching, postural assessment and correction, gait assessment and correction, joint mobilization, muscle testing and re-balancing, Neurokinetic therapy, movement assessment and correction.

(NO LONGER LICENSED/CERTIFIED OR PERFORMING ANY MASSAGE RELATED THERAPIES) Neuromuscular education and therapy, Trigger point therapy, Sport massage, Acupressure/Shiatsu, Deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, Structural integration.   


After a series of knee and spinal injuries, the search for a practical solution to relieve my pain and lack of mobility began. After ten years of ineffective treatments and disappointment, that search for my own healing led me into a new career and eventually to a pain free state for the first time in 15 years. I offer those years of my own struggles as well as extensive experience working with most conditions I can think of related to injury, movement and performance. 

 I am a great believer in practical solutions and client education that offer easy to understand ways to make a difference in your day to day life. Making this fun and engaging has produced great results for many clients over the years. I genuinely struggle to remember many clients that I think have not benefited from this work. My primary focus is you receive the care/service best for you,  I am happy to offer advice on alternative therapies/practioners if need be.