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3131 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL, 34239
United States

941 735 3825

Corrective Stretching is a muscle rehabilitation and conditioning center. We provide postural correction, flexibility, strength and stability training. Our focus is to restore the body back to a state of balance by re-aligning posture, relieving pain and enhancing mobility.

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Posture Alignment

  Postural distortion can cause joint instability and degeneration.

Postural distortion can cause joint instability and degeneration.

Poor postural alignment can play a major role in many painful musculoskeletal conditions. When the skeletal structures are misaligned the resulting muscular imbalances can lead to wear and tear and joint degeneration. Misalignments can also affect the performance of other bodily functions such as circulation, digestion and breathing. Improving posture can correct the misalignments that are a factor in pain related conditions, help prevent joint damage, and provide a solid musculoskeletal foundation for the circulatory system and internal organs.

Postural alignment therapy restores the body's correct anatomical position by utilizing specific stretches and functional exercises tailored to each individuals condition. The purpose is to realign the load bearing joints of the body (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) and stabilize the postural muscles that are there to hold us in the correct body position.

Correcting your posture may feel a little awkward at first because your body has become so use to operating incorrectly, but with a little bit of practice, good posture can become second nature. The benefits to overall health and wellbeing are well worth the effort.