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3131 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL, 34239
United States

941 735 3825

Corrective Stretching is a muscle rehabilitation and conditioning center. We provide postural correction, flexibility, strength and stability training. Our focus is to restore the body back to a state of balance by re-aligning posture, relieving pain and enhancing mobility.

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call :    941 735 3825



Thank you to everyone who have submitted testimonials, I will post and update soon!

PLEASE NOTE : We have very high success rates treating a wide range of physical conditions but we can’t help in every case, testimonials on this website are meant only to illustrate what is possible for many who seek help.  

” I am a stroke survivor of six years. Other therapist have given up on me and have said i could not make anymore progress. They were wrong ! Working with Kevin has allowed me to make great strides forward. I am so happy with the results.” – Donna Piver , Retired school teacher.

” Amazing therapy, amazing therapist, Kevin helped put my body back to the way it felt twenty years ago, big thank you ! ” – Robert Webb, World record holder for most elevation climbed on a mountain in 24 hour period. (37,572 ft. multiple ascents)

” After having a car accident a few years ago i suffered whiplash in my neck. I tried massage chiropractic, physical therapy, nothing worked..! I would have temporary relief, but I always would have to go back for another band aid. Then, I had my first session with Kevin. Wow !  Within one session, I could feel how much we were able to free up my neck. The difference during the session was profound. I thought, “This is progress !” Little did I know, it only took one more session to completely, 100% take away my pain from my neck and head, It has not came back since. I would, and have, recommend Kevin for any body discomforts. His patience and intuitive know-how are stellar. Thank you Kevin ! “ – Britt Magadini, Project manager

“Three years ago, I consulted with Kevin Clyne for lower back pain.  I had suffered with this condition on and off for almost 40 years but at that time the pain had become severe, and I didn’t know where to turn.  Kevin worked on me for several weeks and the condition not only was healed, but I was pain free for over two years after his treatments.  It was almost like a miracle and I tell everyone about it.  Since then, whenever I have some bodily discomfort, I do a few of the exercises he indicated to me, and the condition straightens out quickly.   I highly recommend Kevin as a therapist.  I am a real fan! ” – Geri Metz,  French teacher 


” After years of struggling with chronic achilles tendonitis I was introduced to Kevin at Corrective Stretching . Within three visits I was pain free and able to start running again. I continue to do the exercises shown to avoid a re-acurance and one year later, I still remain in great shape, cannot recommend highly enough ! ! “  – Matt R, Graphic designer

” I have worked with Kevin for most of last year. I came to him with physical impairments related to a stroke that i suffered. I am impressed with the wide range of modalities that Kevin is expert in, as well as his ability to know which modality to use in a given situation. I have resumed a relatively normal life in large part thanks to the work of Kevin .” – Thomas, G, Actuary

” I met Kevin after suffering intense lower leg pain for 3 years. The pain was to the degree where i could not bend my leg and it was effecting all areas of life,  including, moving,  sitting and even sleeping. He kindly worked with me a few times over the course of one weekend and to my delight the pain decreases by about 70%.  After treatment on my lower legs and feet he suggested trying a different style of footwear and continuing the exercises he advised. Two weeks later the pain had completely gone !  I went through 3 years of intense pain and within 2 weeks it was completely gone, amazing ! “    –  Eric Taub, owner of I Begin Again addiction treatment centers. 


                                                                                                                                           ” Kevin’s technique of gently stretching fascia were invaluable during my five months of chemotherapy . As a result of his regular treatments, combined with his advise on light daily home exercise, I was able to maintain a high level of energy and stamina, despite the chemotherapy . I have recommended Kevin to friends who have raved about his work .” - Sue Ghezzi, Professor/Author

” Five years ago I broke and had surgery on my kneecap. I had very bad knee pain since then, and could only bend my leg less than half of normal. Nobody had been able to help me …nobody…!  In my first two visits with Kevin he was able to get my knee to bend about about three quarters of normal. The pain decreases so much i started to cry ! I went two more times until he told me not to come back, and just do the exercises he gave me, i did. My pain has gone, I can bend my knee like normal. I never thought anyone could help me, he is a very kind person, he just kept on encouraging me and never made anything feel like a problem. I am so grateful, I do not know how i would have fixed this problem without him ,thank you .” – Maria G, Housekeeper

” Kevin is one of the very best manual therapists I know . His unique approach of gentle stretching to restore muscle balance and function, is without peer .Kevin has not only helped with my clients, but personally helped myself and my family improve our physical health. I recommend his services and skills without reservation.” – Eric Winder, Doctor of Chiropractic

The benefit I received from the week you were at my office was better than an extra year of experience.  The purpose driven approach you demonstrated has made me more efficient in resolving issues.  My clients all appreciate the knowledge and insight you kindly shared with us.  We eagerly await your return to Richmond.

Thank you,

Patrick Burns

Motion Momentum, LLC Richmond, VA